Album 0106: Big D And The Kids Table – Strictly Rude

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Steady Riot (02:38)
2. Noise Complaint (03:13)
3. Shining On (03:14)
4. Souped-up Vinyl (03:44)
5. Deadpan (02:32)
6. Snakebite (03:30)
7. Strictly Rude (04:46)
8. Try Out Your Voice (02:50)
9. Hell On Earth (03:05)
10. Fly Away (01:46)
11. Breaking The Bottle (02:15)
12. Raw Revolution (02:53)
13. Relocate The Beat (03:43)
14. The One (04:02)
15. She Knows Her Way (07:22)

Total Length: 51:32

Steady Riot is a pretty solid starting song with a nice chorus and it’s got a nice message. Noise Complaint is pretty much the definition of fun, I love the varied vocals. Also, 2 for 2 songs to have guitar solos, kind of odd for ska tracks. Shining On has some great vocal lines but the upbeat chorus is almost too upbeat and reaches high levels of cheesiness. Souped-up Vinyl has a neat chorus but the bridge is terribly overdone and the rest doesn’t do much for me.

Deadpan is insanely cool. The production on the verse is just a tad bit overdone, but the rest of the song makes up for it. Snakebite similarly is pretty great, just a real strong track. Strictly Rude is more of a dub song, and the band handles them pretty well. The song is very chill and relaxing. Try Out Your Voice is fantastic. The band has done a song or two like this before, where it’s like Dave is telling me a story. They pull it off extremely well and the transition into the chorus is fantastic.

Hell On Earth is the first real punk song on here, and the buildup to it is pretty great. Perfect for this point in the album. Fly Away is a nice little track, but kind of goes by before you can really get into it. Breaking The Bottle has a great chorus and it actually kind of elicits some emotion, in a cheesy sense. Raw Revolution has an amazing vocal line in the chorus, and makes the song all on its own.

Relocate The Beat is a great song, but doesn’t entirely stand up to the last two tracks. The One is pretty great, and another nice bit of emotion shows in this song. She Knows Her Way is very interesting. Unlike most final tracks with length running times on ska albums, the band does play this song for the entire 7 minutes. The first few minutes are a really neat song, and the rest is just the band jamming and having fun with it. At no point does it feel boring or repetitive, either, which is surprising. I really do like this album, and after being ambivalent about Big D for years hearing a super-strong album like this just gives them mucho points in my book.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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