Album 0107: Younger Brother – Vaccine

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Electronica/Psytrance


1. Crystalline (05:30)
2. Shine (04:45)
3. Pound A Rhythm (05:35)
4. Safety In Numbers (05:42)
5. Night Lead Me Astray (05:07)
6. Train (07:30)
7. Spinning Into Place (06:39)
8. SYS 700 (06:59)
9. Tetris (04:28)

Total Length: 52:15

Crystalline is pretty fantastic, mixing psytrance and pop elements to form a song that really sticks with you. Shine continues in the same style and is very cool. The chorus is absolutely amazing and really is the first point in the album that I knew this was something magical. Pound A Rhythm brings in some of the more out there electronic elements, but it’s still the vocals that really stick with me.

Safety In Numbers is a song that I want to really like. I like the atmosphere it provides, but I am really tired and not fond at all of the ‘synthesized’ voice usage. It just feels completely worn out to me, and is only interesting for one or two lines. Night Lead Me Astray however redeems it by being entirely amazing. This song alone proves that the band should stick with the more pop approach they are taking on this album and that it speaks way more to the human condition than longer electronic pieces like their first two albums.

Train does mesh both parts well together though, and the buildup and atmosphere is a strong highlight of this track. Spinning Into Place is a song more like what I was talking about. The song would not work at all if it weren’t for the vocals, but it’s not quite as good as the last couple tracks. SYS 700 is almost entirely in their older style, and doesn’t really appeal to me.

Tetris is an okay track. It’s nice, calm, and relaxing, but I still don’t really see the point of it. I really do like this album a lot overall, especially in the songs noted. Despite qualms with the rest of the songs, those excellent tracks overwhelmingly make the album shine in my mind.

Final Rating: 8/10


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