Album 0109: Norther – Till Death Unites Us

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Throwing My Life Away (03:08)
2. Drowning (03:47)
3. Norther (03:41)
4. Everything (04:32)
5. Evil Ladies (03:37)
6. Omen (04:28)
7. Scream (04:19)
8. Fuck You (02:03)
9. Alone In The End (04:10)
10. Die (03:23)
11. Wasted Years (05:01)
12. The End Of Our Lives (03:54)

Total Length: 46:02

Throwing My Life Away is a decent opening track. The riffs aren’t good, but a constant problem in this album is the vocals. They’re just a little too raspy and not quote melodic enough for my taste. Drowning is really not very good and doesn’t interest me for the entire 4 minutes. Norther at least starts off with a decent riff, which it kind of abandons by oddly stringing two riffs together. Kind of strange, and the song is passable.

Everything is just stupid. A mid-paced track that meanders along, and the bridge is just terrible because as I noted the vocals here are not very good and so it’s all laughable. Evil Ladies is also not very good, it’s a very boring track that has no flavor. Omen has some nice of piano but is another useless track that doesn’t do anything for me. It is the first use of clean vocals, and they are pretty basic. Scream continues the trend of not being very good, but it has almost a neat solo.

Fuck You is bad and thankfully it’s short. It really just sounds like they are trying too hard. Alone In The End actually has a pretty good chorus, so I guess it gets points for that. Die is also decent surprisingly, I still can’t say much about but it’s not disgusting like some of the earlier tracks. Wasted Years is kind of cool but too long. I like the chorus with the dual vocals, but it goes on way too long at the end. It’s like they got a good idea and then ran that shit into the ground.

The End Of Our Lives is… something. It’s pretty much the definitive song of this album because it’s just there. It doesn’t wow you, it doesn’t try anything new, it’s just the most basic thing you could imagine in this genre, and that is boring. This entire album is painful to listen to.

Final Rating: 3/10


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