Album 0111: Family Guy – Live In Vegas

Release Date: Jazz/Comedy
Genre: 2005


1. Fanfare & Intro (01:11)
2. Theme From Family Guy (07:08)
3. Babysitting Is A Bum Deal (03:51)
4. Dear Booze (04:44)
5. The ‘Q’ Man Loves Nobody (04:15)
6. All Cartoons Are Fuckin’ Dicks (07:00)
7. The Last Time I Saw Paris (05:41)
8. But Then I Met You (04:02)
9. T.V. Medley (09:33)
10. Puberty’s Gonna Get Me (04:30)
11. But I’m Yours (03:56)
12. Slightly Out Of Tune (03:58)
13. One Boy (02:01)
14. Quahog Holiday (05:02)
15. Bow Music (00:46)

Total Length: 01:07:38

Alright, so this is an odd album. If the Griffins were the Rat Pack, this would be their stage show. It’s not really my thing, but at one point in time I really liked this show so the idea of the album appealed to me. Fanfare & Intro really isn’t funny so thankfully it’s very short. Theme From Family Guy is not actually seven minutes long as that would be way overdoing it, but even at three and a half minutes they still drew it out for a while. Then, the banter afterwards isn’t very good.

Babysitting Is A Bum Deal is alright. The idea of both of them hiding their true feelings is odd though because Stewie wouldn’t hide that. Dear Booze is kind of a nice song but not my thing. No real transition to the next bit though. The ‘Q’ Man Loves Nobody is a lot of fun, but Patti LuPone kind of overdoes it but it doesn’t ruin the song. All Cartoons Are Fuckin’ Dicks is probably the best track on the album. Maybe it makes me childish, but it’s the second longest track and one of the only ones that actually keeps me interested the entire time.

The Last Time I Saw Paris really doesn’t interest me at all. But Then I Met You is fairly fun, but not too great. T.V. Medley is actually kind of boring. They really don’t do anything interesting with the theme songs. Puberty’s Gonna Get Me is very good and is more what this album should have been like, funny little songs rather than Rat Pack tribute. But I’m Yours is a bit nice though.

Slightly Out Of Tune doesn’t interest me. It’s probably a good song, but it doesn’t appeal to me. One Boy is short and funny, again more what I expected from this. Quahog Holiday is almost good but doesn’t feel inspired at all. Bow Music (Theme From Family Guy) has some more bad jokes to cap off the record. I wanted to like this for the longest time but I think the album just went in a direction it didn’t need to.

Final Rating: 3/10


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