Album 0112: Stolen Babies – There Be Squabbles Ahead

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Avant-garde Metal


1. Spill! (03:21)
2. Awful Fall (03:44)
3. Filistata (03:18)
4. A Year Of Judges (03:21)
5. So Close (04:22)
6. Tablescrap (03:54)
7. Swint? Or Slude? (02:16)
8. Mind Your Eyes (04:05)
9. Lifeless (05:56)
10. Tall Tales (03:42)
11. Push Button (04:07)
12. Gathering Fingers (05:20)
13. The Button Has Been Pushed (01:46)

Total Length: 49:12

Spill! is a great opening song, heavy and experimental with really interesting vocals and keyboard sounds. Pretty much sets the tone of the album perfectly. Awful Fall continues in the same vein, and it’s all beautiful. The little bits of new wave influences show through, and the bass really shines through here. Cool song. Filistata is fantastic, the use of folk influences create a really wonderful song. This is the song that convinced me how good this whole album is.

A Year Of Judges is great as well, just more great stuff. So Close has a bit of an electronic influence and it works pretty well. The vocals are the real highlight though. Tablescrap is very cool and I love the way the song unfolds with all the different tempos. Swint? Or Slude? is a neat interlude utilizing the folk elements pretty fully. Just a nice calm moment.

Mind Your Eyes gets right back into the metal though and has a lot of cool moments. Lifeless is more laid back and introspective, and it works really well. I like that the band doesn’t always have to do fast or heavy stuff. Tall Tales is very good, not quite at the level of the previous songs but not bad at all. Push Button is a highlight, I can see why they made a video of it. It builds up very well and the little bits of piano and strings spruce it up.

Gathering Fingers is slower and actually uses a bit of a doom influence halfway through, but I feel that it actually does go on just a tad too long. It’s pretty nice though and if it were pared down a bit it would be a great ending track. The Button Has Been Pushed is a fun little track, just a random little song. It at least ends the album on an upbeat note. This album really is pretty unique and I just love it and can’t get enough of it. Can’t wait for the band’s upcoming second album.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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