Album 0113: Firewind – Allegiance

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. Allegiance (04:42)
2. Insanity (04:29)
3. Falling To Pieces (04:03)
4. Ready To Strike (04:36)
5. Breaking The Silence (04:03)
6. Deliverance (06:07)
7. Till The End Of Time (04:36)
8. Dreamchaser (04:07)
9. Before The Storm (03:42)
10. The Essence (04:19)
11. Where Do We Go From Here? (03:57)

Total Length: 48:42

Allegiance is a fairly good track. The main riff isn’t bad and the chorus kind of makes you want to sing along. Insanity is alright but is really just basic. The riff, chorus, and solo are all very baseline. Falling To Pieces tries to be a bit more melodic and slower, and it sort of works. I will say that I like the main riff during the verse. Ready To Strike is another song that really doesn’t do much for me in anyway.

Breaking The Silence adds a bit of a pop flair by having a guest female singer. I like it well enough. Deliverance starts off pretty well, I like the combo of acoustic guitars and synths, but it goes on too long and overstays its welcome. Til The End Of Time tries to be a bigger song but doesn’t really interest me other than some neat guitar parts. Dreamchaser is really cheesy but formulaic.

Before The Storm is a meandering instrumental and is all the more interesting for that reason. It doesn’t try to be anything more and so in this band’s case I like it for that reason. The Essence has a cool transition to its chorus but that’s about it. Where Do We Go From Here? is more of the same, and there’s not much more I can say about. This album is just kind of boring and has a couple good moments but they don’t count for much in the end.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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