Album 0114: Dream Theater – Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. In The Name Of God (12:43)
2. As I Am (07:07)
3. Honor Thy Father (10:01)
4. Endless Sacrifice (11:18)
5. This Dying Soul (11:39)
6. Vacant (02:47)
7. Stream Of Consciousness (11:41)

Total Length: 01:07:14

These are the demos the band recorded when they first wrote the album, and as usual the band essentially writes them as instrumentals first, not even thinking of the vocals. The tracklisting is also different from the final album as this is the order the songs were written in. They also all sound a bit rougher of course. In The Name Of God has a much stronger bass presence, and it is interesting how the song can still keep your interest through the entire run even without vocals. This version of the song is a bit shorter though, most notably missing the Battle Hymn Of The Republic in the background. As I Am is again much the same, but the keyboards are way buried.

Honor Thy Father is the only one on here I’d say that I almost like better. I’m not a huge fan of LaBrie’s vocals on the final version, and the section with all the samples gets tiring after the first listen. The keyboards are also a bit more noticeable and at certain times evoke a completely different feeling than the song had before. Endless Sacrifice again is much the same, but I really do prefer the final album version of Jordan’s keyboard sounds. This song though doesn’t work quite as well without the vocals. This Dying Soul is still not one of my favorite tracks of theirs and this version doesn’t do anything to change it.

Vacant is still good but it really loses a lot of emotional impact without the cello and LaBrie’s vocals. Stream Of Consciousness changed the least as it is still an instrumental in the final album, just more well produced. This entire set of demos is really just a neat thing to have, almost a novelty. 90% of the time I prefer the finalized versions.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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