Album 0115: Jeffries Fan Club – Feelin’ Sorry… For All The Hearts We’ve Broken

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Goodbye Theme (03:04)
2. Milk (02:59)
3. Wish You Weren’t Here (02:10)
4. Waste Of Time (03:21)
5. Another Love Story (02:55)
6. I Must Be Stupid (03:29)
7. Dream Girl (02:50)
8. I Want More (04:02)
9. Walking On Sunshine (03:21)
10. 12 (02:41)

Total Length: 30:51

Goodbye Theme is kind of fun, just kind of a middle-of-the-road song. Milk has dumb lyrics, but the arrangement could really be very good if the band was a bit more on point/tight. Specifically, the guitar and bass always feel behind. Wish You Weren’t Here is very basic, just kind of goes by and you don’t remember it. Waste Of Time is much the same in that I forget it as soon as it is over.

Another Love Story is actually sort of fun, though the lyrics are a bit mean and childish. I Must Be Stupid has a weird use of piano and the song just plain doesn’t work. Dream Girl is a bit odd and again just seems to be the band trying things wherever without really thinking it through. I Want More has a terrible high-school level guitar intro, and the rest of the song is more of the same.

Walking On Sunshine is a cover and really doesn’t offer anything new. 12 is creepy and I’m sure all members of the bands are embarrassed over it now. This entire album just feels like a crappy high school band. Oddly, the sound quality is better than you’d expect in that case, but again the songwriting and musicianship is at that level.

Final Rating: 2.5/10


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