Album 0116: Redemption – The Fullness Of Time

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Threads (05:43)
2. Parker’s Eyes (06:15)
3. Scarred (07:54)
4. Sapphire (15:55)
5. The Fullness Of Time: I. Rage (05:02)
6. The Fullness Of Time: II. Despair (03:21)
7. The Fullness Of Time: III. Release (05:16)
8. The Fullness Of Time: IV. Transcendence (08:00)

Total Length: 57:25

Threads starts off very well with music that grips you in, and the vocals aren’t anything outright amazing but they are still good considering the genre. Good song to kick off the album. Parker’s Eyes gets a bit slow during the middle section featuring all the samples, but is still a fairly decent song with some neat ideas. Scarred first off shows how good production can help. The song itself is somewhat good, but then some really cool percussion slips in and raises the song up. Kind of a cool back half as well.

Sapphire is a large song and very cool, though my favorite bit is definitely the chorus that pops up throughout. The Fullness Of Time is an even bigger 21-minute suite. Rage is alright, it kind of uses one riff over and over and doesn’t seem to do much. Despair is a nice breather track with good piano. Release gets back into the heavier side and is about on par with the song that started this album. Transcendence is a great ending to this suite but almost gets too happy in fact.

I guess this kind of a short review for an album with longer songs, but it is hard for me to describe these songs. Part of it is that they do blend together a bit in my head, and it’s a bit tough to separate one from the next. That said, I still enjoyed the entire listen which is a good thing in and of itself. I like the ideas on here but feel that the execution was less than perfect.

Final Rating: 8/10

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