Album 0117: Arghoslent – Incorrigible Bigotry

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Death Metal


1. Flogging The Cargo (03:27)
2. In The Purging Fires Of War (06:33)
3. Quelling The Simian Surge (04:52)
4. Heirs To Perdition (05:22)
5. Archaic Invincibility (04:53)
6. Incorrigible Bigotry (08:27)
7. Hereditary Taint (04:29)
8. Mob Of The Howling (04:41)

Total Length: 42:43

Let’s get this out straight off: I do NOT support this band in any way. I am not ashamed to have gotten access to their album through other means and the only reason I am listening to it is that people swear up and down that “their riffs are legendary and worth ignoring the blatant racism.” We shall see, but I don’t see it going well. Flogging The Cargo has a terrible intro with a stupid solo guitar, and the vocals are half decent. Just an average track.

In The Purging Fires Of War has the first set of riffs so far that is actually interesting (one-quarter through the album!) near the end of the track but it’s mostly boring. Quelling The Simian Surge (gag me with a spoon) has a neat opening riff but is terrible otherwise. Heirs To Perdition is bland and boring. Archaic Invincibility is just terrible. Almost stupider lyrics than their outright racist ones and just boring.

If Incorrigible Bigotry wasn’t terribly long and mostly boring, it would be the only track I could say that I actually like as it is an instrumental. Hereditary Taint is not very good. Mob Of The Howling is from a split or something and not normally on this album, but it was on this version. Surprise, surprise, it isn’t very good at all. Am I biased against this band? Unabashedly. Racism like this is possibly the single stupidest belief you could have. To judge someone based on something they can’t control at all is unbelievably ignorant. It probably sullies any opinions I may have had on their works otherwise, and so I can’t reliably separate my feelings from their music, because they chose to make them one and the same as well. In fact I’m not even going to tag this album at all with their name and the album title because fuck ’em.

Final Rating: 1/10


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