Album 0118: Mike Park – For The Love Of Music

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock


1. Supposed To Be There Too (04:07)
2. On That Stage (02:38)
3. Counting Sheep (05:28)
4. Challenging Me (03:52)
5. Just Like This (03:16)
6. Train Maps (02:41)
7. From Korea (02:01)
8. Southbound 280 (03:22)
9. Thankful All The Same (02:39)
10. Hey You! (03:23)
11. Present Day Memories (03:03)

Total Length: 36:29

Supposed To Be There Too is an absolutely gorgeous song. Mike Park’s acoustic guitar and vocals combined with the violin at times is just beautiful and it’s such a great opening song. On That Stage is fairly fun and has a good chorus but isn’t as great as the first track. Counting Sheep is nice and calm but way too long and I just lose interest in it very easily. Challenging Me is alright, just kind of average.

Just Like This is kind of indicative of most of the album after the first song. Has some nice moments, in this case the chorus, but otherwise doesn’t really stick with you. Train Maps is decent. From Korea is a fun little song with good lyrics, this is the kind of thing Mike Park excels at. Southbound 280 has a nice atmosphere of sorts but that’s about all I can say of it. Thankful All The Same is a nice bounce back as the violin rejoins the fray and there are some neat emotions here.

Hey You! has some fun vocal lines and is just plain a good little song. Present Day Memories isn’t a great song to end on but it’s not bad either. This whole album is kind of disappointing because the first song is just that good. It feels like Mike Park has a lot of ideas that aren’t focused well enough.

Final Rating: 4.5/10


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