Album 0120: The Aggrolites – Dirty Reggae

Release Date: 2003
Genre: Reggae


1. Hot Stop (02:49)
2. Jimmy Jack (02:46)
3. Black Lung (03:47)
4. Keep It Cool (03:15)
5. The Stampede (03:06)
6. Money Hungry Woman (03:30)
7. Put Your Weight On It (03:23)
8. Pop The Trunk (03:22)
9. Women’s Rules (03:38)
10. Burning Bush (03:16)
11. Joe Grind (03:06)
12. Reggae Wonderland (03:16)
13. Lunar Eclipse (03:30)
14. Dirty Reggae (12:36)

Total Length: 55:20

Hot Stop is a fairly good opener, but kind of drags on. Jimmy Jack has a fabulous chorus and I love the descriptions of a con artist or greasy salesman. Black Lung is kind of the same as the first track, but it has some neat guitar moments. Keep It Cool has some odd vocals and is more of a song than a jam, but it doesn’t really interest me. The Stampede continues the trend of just being there.

Money Hungry Woman is the same and really doesn’t have much redeeming about it, other than maybe bits of the chorus. Put Your Weight On It is awesome simply because of the keyboards. They are ridiculously cool. I’m not very fond of Pop The Trunk, as the amount of innuendo is annoying rather than clever. Women’s Rules is pretty good though, I enjoy the vocals.

Burning Bush is saved by its keys. Joe Grind is pretty boring, even with the story it’s telling. Reggae Wonderland however is also very cool because of it’s cool keyboards. Lunar Eclipse has some cool moments but is forgettable. The main song/section of Dirty Reggae is kind of neat, but average, and ends at around 3:15. A little over a minute later, the band starts playing a jam that lasts for the rest of the track’s length. It’s a neat bonus, but honestly doesn’t change up enough up considering its length. This album has a few neat moments but otherwise I really don’t ever pick it to listen to. It’s not bad, but just kind of a base effort.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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