Album 0121: Kotipelto – Waiting For The Dawn

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Power Metal


1. Intro (00:59)
2. Travel Through Time (03:57)
3. Beginning (03:41)
4. Lord Of Eternity (04:04)
5. Knowledge And Wisdom (03:55)
6. Battle Of The Gods (05:06)
7. Beauty Has Come (04:55)
8. Vizier (04:21)
9. Chosen By Ra (07:17)
10. Waiting For The Dawn (05:20)
11. Arise (06:20)
12. The Movement Of The Nile (02:25)

Total Length: 52:20

The Intro track is pretty basic. Some atmospheric sounds and it serves its purpose and that’s all. Travel Through Time kicks off pretty well, and I really like the keyboards and the chorus. Beginning has a neat intro but otherwise is a pretty run-of-the-mill power metal song that doesn’t really catch me. I’m really not sure how this was the single. Lord Of Eternity kind of fares the same. It has some things I think I should like about it but there’s no real energy here.

Knowledge And Wisdom is definitely better in that respect yet I still lose interest halfway through. A lot of these tracks are just off-putting. Battle Of The Gods is intentionally slower in a plodding way that is nearly painful. It’s really not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but this band/artist is definitely capable of better. Beauty Has Come is a fairly good ballad, the most notable part being the repeated line about “lonely tears”. I just love the way Kotipelto’s voice sounds with the acoustic guitar backing.

Vizier seems very similar to the second track in feeling, and it’s pretty good and rocking. Chosen By Ra is a larger song that works very well. I’d prefer it if more songs on the album were like this. All the changes definitely help keep me interested. Waiting For The Dawn is pretty great as well, the main riff is a beast and the rest of the song holds up as well.

Arise is honestly just boring. Like track 6 but two minutes longer and just plods. Should have ended the album right before this track honestly, but The Movement Of The Nile is a nice little acoustic track. In the end, this album shows some promise, but there’s a whole lot of mediocre you have to wade through first.

Final Rating: 5/10


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