Album 0123: Andromeda – II=I

Release Date: 2003
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Encyclopedia (07:35)
2. Mirages (05:42)
3. Reaching Deep Within (04:50)
4. Two Is One (10:09)
5. Morphing Into Nothing (07:35)
6. Castaway (06:17)
7. Parasite (06:54)
8. One In My Head (08:03)
9. This Fragile Surface (08:05)

Total Length: 01:05:10

Encyclopedia is a brilliant opening track. The intro to it is short enough to not get annoying on multiple listens, and cool enough to really hype up what comes after. The keyboards all throughout this song are fantastic, as well as the vocals. Pretty much everyone on here plays brilliantly, and the song is well written to boot. Mirages isn’t quite as good, but the chorus is still very cool. Good thing it’s the second shortest song on here.

Reaching Deep Within is a fairly good little track, also glad that this is the shortest track. Two Is One (the way to actually say II=I) starts off a bit softer but of course builds into the heavier stuff. The outro is a bit long, but the main bulk of the song is extremely good. Morphing Into Nothing is wholly an instrumental, filled with neat moments but not entirely a memorable song.

Castaway is a very nice ballad, again I have to point out that the keyboards, sparse as they are, and the vocals pretty much make the song. Parasite has some really neat heavy moments that make the song stand out. One In My Head has a lot of cool stuff going on, even some funky bits. Very good track. This Fragile Surface is a very solid song to cap off the album. This album seems a bit unfocused but has plenty of great ideas strewn about and is well worth listening to.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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