Album 0125: Kreator – Violent Revolution

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Thrash Metal


1. Reconquering The Throne (04:13)
2. The Patriarch (00:52)
3. Violent Revolution (04:55)
4. All Of The Same Blood (06:12)
5. Servant In Heaven – King In Hell (05:09)
6. Second Awakening (04:48)
7. Ghetto War (05:05)
8. Replicas Of Life (07:34)
9. Slave Machinery (03:58)
10. Bitter Sweet Revenge (05:25)
11. Mind On Fire (03:57)
12. System Decay (04:34)
13. Violent Revolution (demo) (05:56)

Total Length: 01:02:38

Starting with a great riff and a nearly folk-influenced chorus, Reconquering The Throne kicks the album off with a hell of a bang. Great track. The Patriarch is just the intro to Violent Revolution, and it’s hard to separate them out in my mind as they are joined in the demo version. Either way, the main song works pretty well and has a memorable chorus. All Of The Same Blood is mostly decent, it has a good chorus and some neat guitar moments.

Servant In Heaven – King In Hell is a fairly cool song. I enjoy it and can’t really say much bad about it. Second Awakening is decent, once it’s over it feels like I forget everything about it. The song transitions right into Ghetto War which pretty much invokes the same reactions in me. I just really don’t care for it. Replicas Of Life is a pretty cool song though with some interesting riffs.

Slave Machinery isn’t very good and really could have been kept off the album. Bitter Sweet Revenge is much the same as some of the other tracks, except a bit more boring and just as forgettable. Mind On Fire is alright, the chorus is kind of average. System Decay is a pretty cool end to the album, a nice redeemer with cool vocals, riffs, and drumming. The demo for Violent Revolution as I said contains the intro, and they definitely improved on it in the album so it’s really just here as a novelty. This album starts fairly strong but tapers off quickly with only a couple good songs after that point.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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