Album 0126: The Johnstones – Can’t Be Trusted

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Intro (00:14)
2. What’s Your Story (03:10)
3. Down On Me (02:19)
4. What Are You Drinking? (00:39)
5. Take Me To The Party (02:27)
6. Right To Say (03:13)
7. Bank Song (02:56)
8. Brittany K (00:15)
9. Can’t Be Trusted (02:31)
10. Gimme Your Love (Or Gimme Some Money) (02:58)
11. GGGetcha (03:05)
12. More Time There (00:28)
13. These Sort Of Things (02:56)
14. Wanna Know (03:05)
15. My Name Is Jerry (00:08)
16. Life In The Flow (02:50)
17. Gimme Your Love Cont’d (00:49)
18. P.U.B. (02:54)

Total Length: 36:58

The Intro isn’t really worth talking about, it’s just a joke that’s over with quickly. What’s Your Story is a pretty cool song, helped by the unique vocals and mix of styles on the track. Down On Me‘s chorus may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but there is something about it in particular (though the rest of the song is guilty as well) where it just sounds completely generic, like I’ve heard it tons of times before. That and they sound like cheerleaders.

What Are You Drinking? is a dumb interlude track, again not very funny. Take Me To The Party has an absolutely enormous Big D influence that is prevalent. On the one hand, it means this song is good, while on the other it means that they aren’t really doing their own thing and I’d rather listen to Big D. Right To Say is a decent song. Bank Song fares the same. Brittany K is an unnecessary little sample.

Can’t Be Trusted kind of sounds like them trying to be Zebrahead which leads to the same issue as earlier. Gimme Your Love (Or Gimme Some Money) has a fantastic chorus and I really enjoy the vocals trading off but that acoustic guitar is so overdone and cheesy. GGGetcha is pretty cool and seems to have a bunch of neat ideas. More Time There is once again not needed at all. These Sort Of Things isn’t too good, as soon as it’s over it’s out of my mind.

Wanna Know has some good moments. My Name Is Jerry is useless. Life In The Flow has a great chorus but the rest doesn’t live up. Gimme Some Money Cont’d is irrelevant. P.U.B. is pretty much a hip hop track and has no reason to be on this album or even exist. If they had not put on the sub-minute long tracks and left off the last two tracks, this would be a fairly good album. As it is now it’s a few good songs and a lot of me wondering what the hell they were thinking.

Final Rating: 5/10


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