Album 0127: Motoi Sakuraba – Dark Souls Original Soundtrack

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Soundtrack/Symphonic


1. Prologue (03:44)
2. Firelink Shrine (02:57)
3. Taurus Demon (02:40)
4. Bell Gargoyle (03:26)
5. Pinwheel (02:17)
6. Gaping Dragon (02:59)
7. Chaos Witch Quelaag (02:39)
8. Daughters Of Chaos (02:56)
9. Iron Golem (02:51)
10. Ornstein & Smough (02:50)
11. Gwynevere, Princess Of Sunlight (02:47)
12. Great Grey Wolf Sif (03:22)
13. Ceaseless Discharge (03:04)
14. Centipede Demon (03:01)
15. Four Kings (02:44)
16. Seath The Scaleless (02:59)
17. Gravelord Nito (03:09)
18. Bed Of Chaos (03:39)
19. The Ancient Dragon (03:18)
20. Crossbreed Priscilla (03:04)
21. Dark Sun Gwyndolin (02:55)
22. Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder (03:38)
23. Nameless Song (06:38)

Total Length: 01:13:35

The Prologue honestly has the most in common with the game’s predecessor, Demon’s Souls, utilizing really creepy vocal chants and string sounds. Great track on its own and as backing music for the amazing opening cutscene. Firelink Shrine is some of the most downtrodden music ever, while still remaining a tiny bit hopeful and does its job tremendously well. Taurus Demon has a ton of neat elements in it that you never notice during the heat of battle but are great to hear here, like the keyed instruments.

Bell Gargoyle has some of the same elements and manages to be creepy as well which is kind of odd since the actual boss fight is one of the most lighted in the game, so you would think that atmosphere wouldn’t appear. Pinwheel has some disturbing whispering going on but otherwise isn’t that interesting. Gaping Dragon is meant to be epic in an overblown way. This seems like a huge fight but it’s really not important in the long run, same goes for the music.

Chaos Witch Quelaag isn’t terribly interesting. Its counterpart that you find afterward, Daughters Of Chaos, is way more haunting and atmospheric. Iron Golem is kind of heavy and just serves its purpose. Ornstein & Smough is good and big and epic for a great boss fight. Gwynevere, Princess Of Sunlight is fairly good but not very memorable. Great Grey Wolf Sif is fantastic, a track that makes you feel bad for the enemy you’re fighting and I love everything about it.

Ceaseless Discharge isn’t very interesting honestly. I don’t like the horns. Centipede Demon is much the same. Four Kings is pretty good and I especially the little bits thrown in in the background. Seath The Scaleless is great because of all the neat percussion. Gravelord Nito sounds like a horror film soundtrack and works well. Bed Of Chaos is kind of annoying simply because I hate the fight and there’s not much interesting in this track.

The Ancient Dragon works well in the game but is boring to listen to otherwise. Crossbreed Priscilla is an odd piece because it’s more like atmospheric, background music rather than boss fight music like it can be. Dark Sun Gwyndolin works the same way, but is better in my opinion. Just haunting. Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder continues the trend by being a very somber piano piece. Probably the best track on the album for this reason along.

Nameless Song is actually what plays during the end credits of the game, and it is pretty fantastic. It goes on for a bit too long in order to match the length of the credits, but it’s still gorgeous. A good chunk of these work much better in the game, but it is cool hearing how much work is put into these when most of the time you will have adrenaline pumping during the fight and won’t even notice the music.

Final Rating: 7/10


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