Album 0128: Adagio – Underworld

Release Date: 2003
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal


1. Next Profundis (07:39)
2. Introïtus/Solvet Saectum In Favilla (08:15)
3. Chosen (07:52)
4. From My Sleep To Someone Else (06:38)
5. Underworld (13:25)
6. Promises (05:04)
7. The Mirror Stage (06:32)
8. Niflheim (08:10)
9. Missa Aeterna (06:38)

Total Length: 01:10:11

Next Profundis has a cool chorus and piano usage but personally I think it goes on a bit too long, most of the vocals are uninteresting, and the ending is flat. Introïtus/Solvet Saectum In Favilla has a cool intro, and the rest of the song is fairly decent. It does tend to feel like they put every single idea in here, but not in an avant-garde way, more of a “we have no idea which bits to cut” way and it feels like too much.

Chosen is a bit more straight forward comparatively, and works very well. From My Sleep To Someone Else is pretty good, but not exactly memorable to me. Underworld is a much bigger track, laying down its groundwork for a longer period of time and has a ton of cool moments in it. That’s pretty much the par for the entire album honestly. It’s cool to listen to, and the neo-classical elements are neat but I never find myself really wanting to listen to this.

Promises is fairly nice and just plain softer than the other tracks. It works okay but doesn’t really need to be 5 minutes I think. The Mirror Stage is very good and more what the first couple tracks should have been like, that is to say more concise and a couple minutes shorter. Niflheim is entirely an instrumental and suffers from the same problems as the other tracks. Fun to listen to, but doesn’t urge me to listen again, and the fadeout is kind of cheap.

Missa Aeterna is fairly good, but I can see why it’s a bonus track. It doesn’t do anything really different from the other songs. I really want to love this album as I love symphonic influences and artists/bands that have the gall to do longer tracks, but I just don’t feel like there’s anything spectacular here.

Final Rating: 7/10


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