Album 0132: The Pigeon Detectives – Wait For Me

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Indie/Punk Rock


1. Romantic Type (02:32)
2. I Found Out (02:03)
3. Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye (01:55)
4. Caught In Your Trap (03:04)
5. I Can’t Control Myself (02:49)
6. I’m Not Sorry (03:42)
7. You Know I Love You (03:04)
8. Stop Or Go (03:08)
9. You Better Not Look My Way (04:21)
10. Take Her Back (03:16)
11. Wait For Me (02:07)
12. I’m Always Right (03:01)
13. Let Go (03:33)
14. You’re Just No Good For Me (03:21)
15. The Power Of Love (03:25)
16. Left Alone (02:16)
17. I Found Out (rerecording) (02:08)
18. I’m Not Sorry (live acoustic) (03:24)
19. Girlfriend (03:43)

Total Length: 56:59

Romantic Type is a great opening track with a catchy, memorable chorus and fun instrumentation. The only negative about it (and this stands true for most of the album) is the production. The guitars in particular feel like they were recorded extremely hot/loud and so at times it really does feel like they are clipping. The entire album feels loud in fact. I Found Out is pretty amazing as well, just a wonderful little track.

Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye is somewhat good, the guitar melody (and whole song) feels very underdeveloped and like they just kind of shoved it out there. Caught In Your Trap gets us back to the extremely good songs, which this is for most of its length. The last 45 seconds or so slows to a crawl with an acoustic guitar that reprises the first track, which is pretty neat for a band this pop-oriented.

I Can’t Control Myself is fairly good but other than its chorus it doesn’t really stand out. I’m Not Sorry is a bit ‘bigger’ than the other tracks in a sense. Great song. You Know I Love You however doesn’t work quite as well and the lyrics feel a bit weird. Stop Or Go is much the same, I’m just not fond of it. You Better Not Look My Way is alright, but I don’t understand why this is the only track where the actually name the girl instead of just a nameless “her”.

Take Her Back leads us back on track and is very upbeat (but with a downtrodden section to punctuate it) and pretty funny lyrics. Wait For Me is mostly decent but the bridge is pretty neat. I’m Always Right is sort of fun, and the ending is a good way to end the album proper, but not it’s bonus track time. Let Go is a bit slower and kind of builds but doesn’t really go anywhere by the end. You’re Just No Good For Me is a single b-side and that’s about the quality it is.

The Power Of Love is a cover of the classic track, and while the music is there the singer doesn’t quite pull it off. The ending is great though. Left Alone is very good and I have no idea why it would have been left off the album. I Found Out is a re-recorded version, and while they fixed my issues with the guitars, they went the opposite direction with the vocals. Instead of being in your face, he sounds like he’s halfway across the room and his mic just hasn’t been turned up quite enough.

I’m Not Sorry is a live acoustic version, it’s a fairly nice version. Girlfriend is a live cover of the Avril Lavigne track, and it’s a funny idea but I just got bored halfway through. This album is just a ton of fun though and I never regret listening to it.

Final Rating: 8/10


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