Album 0134: The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Twilight Of The Idols

Release Date: 1999
Genre: Heavy/Folk Metal


1. Funeral March (01:21)
2. Highlander (04:11)
3. High Season II (03:12)
4. The Pangs Of Ulster (04:04)
5. Brave Connor Mac (02:56)
6. The Wickerman (04:20)
7. Slough Feg (04:10)
8. The Great Ice Wars (08:49)
9. Life In The Dark Age (04:24)
10. Warpspasm (02:23)
11. Bi-Polar Disorder (06:02)
12. The Wizard’s Vengeance (03:32)
13. We’ll Meet Again (03:05)
14. Bagpipe Outro (00:22)

Total Length: 52:50

Funeral March is a bagpipe intro, it’s alright. I’ve actually heard better ones. Highlander is pretty great, the little bit of solo guitar at the beginning that gets repeated sounds cheap but the main riff is great. High Season II is fairly good, but I lose interest halfway through. The Pangs Of Ulster is a pretty neat instrumental track.

Brave Connor Mac is a nice acoustic track that offers a nice breather at this point in the album. The Wickerman is good as well, I really like the instrumental sequence near the end. Slough Feg is somewhat good. The riff is good but by the end of the song it feels overdone. The Great Ice Wars is a bigger song with multiple sections but the only one that is really great is the last few minutes.

Life In The Dark Age is pretty decent. A memorable riff but the song goes on just a touch too long. Warpspasm is a really cool, short instrumental track. Bi-Polar Disorder is pretty good, I like all the tempo changes. The Wizard’s Vengeance is passable. We’ll Meet Again is fantastic. I absolutely love the main riff and the craziness. Bagpipe Outro is… well I’m sure you can tell. This album is just good, solid metal. Not spectacular, but you can’t entirely go wrong here.

Final Rating: 7/10


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