Album 0136: Sirenia – Sirenian Shores

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Gothic Symphonic Metal


1. Sirenian Shores (06:02)
2. Save Me From Myself (remix) (05:05)
3. Meridian (acoustic) (04:05)
4. First We Take Manhattan (03:56)
5. Obire Mortem (02:23)

Total Length: 21:31

This is just an EP by the band, and like most metal EPs has a couple main tracks and some things you can maybe ignore. Sirenian Shores is a new track with a quick intro that will be pretty much immortalized in your mind, and the mixture of vocals can always keep you on your toes. It’s a pretty good song but the main issue I have with this band is songs that don’t seem fulfilling. They are nice to listen to but when it’s done you don’t remember too much and realize it didn’t really affect you. The mix is also a bit weird as well.

Save Me From Myself was originally on the band’s second album, and this is a remixed version. The song has a very X-Files vibe and it is pretty catchy. Meridian was on the first album, and this time is recorded in an acoustic version. Surprisingly the song works well without the heavy guitars and the melodic elements are at the forefront. First We Take Manhattan is a cover of Leonard Cohen. The difference in songwriting and arrangement is immediately noticeable and does make me with Sirenia would try not overdoing it in their original stuff sometimes.

Obire Mortem feels more like an intro track to a full album than a standalone song, let alone an ending one on an EP. That said, it has some neat ideas that should have been expanded on more. Like most EPs, this is a neat blip for the band trying out some different ideas, and at that it succeeds.

Final Rating: 8/10


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