Album 0137: Darkestrah – Epos

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Black Metal


1. Epos (33:33)

Total Length: 33:33

Pretty simple just above, eh? Epos is one huge track, split into somewhat identifiable sections once you’ve listened through a couple times. The key here is moderation and alteration. The song never stays one thing for too long. After a few minutes of just waves crashing against a shore, the guitars come in to really start things off. Once things get heavier and faster it’s pretty much magic. Darkestrah creates a great blend of beauty and darkness.

At around the fourteen minute mark, the song takes a breather to listen to some thunderstorms. Then it’s back into it for the remaining half. I just really like Darkestrah’s vocals and sense of melody and speed. My only complaints with this is that while it’s a nice listen, the waves crashing at the beginning and the end are a bit long on both repeated listens or if you’re listening somewhere not at home. Seriously, it’s like 6-7 minutes. Aside from that though, this is a really cool track/album.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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