Album 0138: Thy Catafalque – Róka Hasa Rádió

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal


1. Szervetlen (Inorganic) (11:22)
2. Molekuláris Gépezetek (Molecular Machineries) (19:11)
3. Köd Utánam (Fog Behind Me) (05:31)
4. Ûrhajók Makón (Spacecraft “Mako”) (04:26)
5. Piroshátú (Red-Backed) (06:38)
6. Esõlámpás (Lanterns Of The Rain) (04:18)
7. Kabócák, Bodobácsok (Cicadas, Firebugs) (06:30)
8. Õszi Varázslok (Wizards Of The Fall) (04:41)
9. Fehér Berek (White Grove) (05:34)

Total Length: 01:08:12

Szervetlen is the first of two huge track that start off this album. The intro itself is a few minutes long, building up and up, drawing you in as the guitars and pace builds until the heaviness hits you square in the face. The mix of black metal and more atmospheric elements is amazing. The transition after this point to something that seems wholly electronic feels both natural and jarring if you’re not used to listening to music like this. Fantastic opening track.

Molekuláris Gépezetek doesn’t bother with any kind of fancy intro though, kicking right into the heavy part of the song. The real surprising bit is about halfway when the saxophone is introduced. I just love chilling out to this huge chunk of the song with the nice synths and female vocals. The ending couple minutes are great though. The only thing I don’t like about this track is that it makes the album lopsided. Having two huge tracks at the starts kind of puts a downward spin on the rest of the album, but I can mostly overlook that nitpick.

Köd Utánam is great. On the plus side, these shorter tracks trim a bit of fat and get right to the heart of what is trying to be done. Still longer than your average pop song, and is amazing. This is my go-to song for trying to introduce people to the band. Ûrhajók Makón is far more laid back, resembling something that would appear as background music on the Weather Channel. Still love it though, it’s a nice breather.

Piroshátú is in a similar vein and entirely instrumental. Basically, I don’t care if these guys play black metal or not, whatever they do is fantastic. Esõlámpás is just beautiful, and that’s about the best way to describe it. Gorgeous guitar tones, synths, and vocals just keep you entranced for the whole length of the song. Kabócák, Bodobácsok feels like an experiment with sequencing and I love it so much. It just gives off such a different, upbeat vibe from the rest of the album.

Õszi Varázslok is again different from the other tracks. A bit more of a doom vibe, it’s slower, more methodical, and a bit more evil. Good track. Fehér Berek is the opposite in tone, being a bit uplifting and calm at the end. This is just an amazing album and there’s not an easy way to describe it as it does so many different things. All I can do really is just recommend the hell out of it.

Final Rating: 10/10


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