Album 0139: Borknagar – Empiricism

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Black Metal


1. The Genuine Pulse (04:51)
2. Gods Of My World (04:26)
3. The Black Canvas (05:19)
4. Matter And Motion (02:30)
5. Soul Sphere (06:41)
6. Inherit The Earth (05:30)
7. The Stellar Dome (05:37)
8. Four Element Synchronicity (05:51)
9. Liberated (04:52)
10. The View Of Everlast (04:29)

Total Length: 50:06

The Genuine Pulse is a great way to start off the album. A quick intro and just really solid music. I’m also an absolute total sucker for multiple vocals trading and going at the same time and whatever they want to do, especially when one of them is as good as Vintersorg. The ending is unexpected though. Gods Of My World is pretty fantastic, especially in the second half that is mostly acoustic with a lot of cool synth stuff.

The Black Canvas is fairly good. I really enjoy the organ patches but the song seems to go on a bit long. Matter And Motion is a very cool little instrumental, but I wish the piano didn’t sound so sequenced. Soul Sphere has some really great moments, it’s hard to describe though. Inherit The Earth has some neat bits as well, like bringing some acoustic guitars back into the fold, and a small section with a bass solo.

The Stellar Dome infuses a bit more avant-garde styling than usual, and succeeds admirably. Four Element Synchronicity has some good synths but otherwise I’m not really fond of the chorus. Liberated is a lot of fun, like most of the other tracks. The View Of Everlast is a bit more toned down, with a slower verse and the metal only really coming in during the chorus. This is a fun album to listen through, but what’s odd is that I never find myself really wanting to listen to it. When I scroll though all my music, it never stands out.

Final Rating: 8/10

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