Album 0140: The Devin Townsend Project – Ki

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. A Monday (01:43)
2. Coast (04:36)
3. Disruptr (05:49)
4. Gato (05:23)
5. Terminal (06:58)
6. Heaven Send (08:54)
7. Ain’t Never Gonna Win… (03:17)
8. Winter (04:48)
9. Trainfire (05:58)
10. Lady Helen (06:05)
11. Ki (07:21)
12. Quiet Riot (03:02)
13. Demon League (02:55)
14. Oodles Of Noodles (15:35)
15. Testing Fender Gear (07:49)

Total Length: 01:30:13

A Monday is a nice, short intro that sets the tone of the album as somber and a bit downtrodden with just a solo guitar. Coast is a totally cool song, I love the atmosphere that Devin gives off. It’s really calm and laid back, while still having hints of something heavier. Disruptr is much the same way, always hinting at an anger and fierceness, as Devin’s vocals slowly get harsher and louder throughout the song. Ridiculously cool.

Gato is similar as well, adding female vocals for the first time. Great track as well and the chorus gets stuck in your head like a mother. Terminal doesn’t have any real heavy stuff though, just a nice breather before the next big track. This song is kind of forgettable though, but I enjoy it. Heaven Send is funky and awesome, and I love how heavy it builds up to be. A real highlight of the album, though the break before going back into song gets annoying on repeated listens.

Ain’t Never Gonna Win… is also sadly a bit forgettable. It has some nice ideas but they are played so softly and low that they don’t do much for me. Winter is unfortunately much the same. Just kind of feels a bit long and like it’s repeating itself too much. Trainfire is an unexpected partial tribute to the Elvis-style of blues rock. Then Devin throws in some harsh vocals and his weirdness shines through and makes the entire song worth it.

Lady Helen is the same issue as two songs ago, where I like what I can hear but it’s so buried and slow that it does nothing for me. Ki is the other ‘big’ song on here. The first half is much like the rest of the album but a bit more focused. The real treat is the second half, the building, galloping instrumental section with lots of repeated crescendos where the album finally lets itself get a bit crazy.

The song transitions to directly into Quiet Riot, a weird amalgam where the music is a cover but the lyrics are new. Very cool little song. Demon League is kind of an unexpected ending in how it’s probably the most chill song on here, and I dig it. Oodles Of Noodles and Testing Fender Gear are absolutely, 100% bonus tracks. The former is just the band jamming for a while, and the latter is more jamming, but just Devin on his guitar. Neither has anything really worth talking about, and I never consider them when I think of the album as a whole, which is mostly positive thoughts but just a bit disappointing in spots I mentioned. If this had been released standalone instead as part of a promised album set I would be more disappointed as well.

Final Rating: 8/10


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