Album 0142: The Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruction

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Praise The Lowered (05:58)
2. Stand (09:36)
3. Juular (03:46)
4. Planet Of The Apes (10:59)
5. Sumeria (06:37)
6. The Mighty Masturbator (16:28)
7. Pandemic (03:29)
8. Deconstruction (09:27)
9. Poltergeist (04:25)

Total Length: 01:10:44

Praise The Lowered can be considered a big, longer intro track. It’s a slow fizz to the heavier part, getting you prepared for the album in full. For this album, the style is a bit more on the extreme end. It’s not all fast and heavy, but there is a bit of a darker undertone throughout the entire album (interspersed with bits of lightheartedness). Stand is in the same vein, with a slower beginning that unfurls into some really infectious vocals. It also brings in the orchestra and choir for the first time, creating an entirely new atmosphere.

Juular is the first all heavy track. Just a constant beat, kind of like a train (thanks to imagery from the music video) and guest vocals pretty much keep this song always playing in the head. Just a fantastic track. Planet Of The Apes is a large song, that starts off with another vocal line that sticks with you. Has some other neat moments but after a certain point it does feel like it drags on a bit. I really appreciate the very brief reference to Awake!!! near the end of the track though.

Sumeria has a decent heavy first half, but I actually like the calmer second half. The Mighty Masturbator is a big, big track and has a lot of stuff going on. The intro is a very cool slice of Devin’s style, it’s pretty much perfect. After a slight bit of comedy we get an insanely cool section that is heavy on the instrumental fun. Suddenly we get a more electronic section with Devin acting like an announcer. It’s neat at first but goes on a bit long. Most of the last chunk of the song is fairly good, but I really do like the ‘circus’ vibe of the ending, even if the comedic stuff doesn’t entirely work for me.

Pandemic is decent, it’s pretty heavy and chaotic and I want to like it but it’s just too much for me. Deconstruction starts off with some more bad comedy, but the music is good once it starts. Fairly good track overall. Poltergeist is fairly good but the ending is a bit sudden. I really wanted to love this album, it sounded exactly like what I wanted from Devin based on what I had heard so far, but it really doesn’t click with me too much out of select moments. This is kind of the album that convinced me that the four DTP albums are a cool experiment, but I’d rather have him mix everything together.

Final Rating: 8/10


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