Album 0144: The Vandals – Internet Dating Superstuds

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Punk Rock


1. 43210-1 (02:43)
2. Appreciate My Honesty (02:35)
3. I’m Becoming You (02:42)
4. Disproportioned Head (02:08)
5. Soccer Mom (02:57)
6. We’ll All Get Laid (02:27)
7. Little Weirdo (03:06)
8. I Can’t Wait (02:44)
9. Where’s Your Dignity? (03:11)
10. My Brain Tells My Body (03:00)
11. When I Say You I Mean Me (02:20)
12. The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore (03:11)
13. My Brother Is Gay (02:33)
14. Lord Of The Dance (03:11)
15. Count To Ten (02:40)

Total Length: 41:30

43210-1 is a pretty fun track that I honestly don’t entirely like. It’s neat to listen and pretty good live but when I think about the song I never actively want to listen to it. It’s a weird thing to think of and to try and explain. Appreciate My Honesty is a much better song though, with an infectious main riff and humorous lyrics that are great to sing along to. I’m Becoming You has a fun chorus but I really don’t like the sections with the slower tempo and vocals with effects.

Disproportioned Head has silly lyrics but I really enjoy the main riff. Soccer Mom is a bit more poppy than their usual stuff, but it’s still pretty good and I enjoy the sentiments in the song. We’ll All Get Laid is a short cool song. I’m not fond of the lyrics but the music is good. Little Weirdo has some good ideas, I don’t mind the band trying to add some synths but the rest of the song doesn’t really live up to it.

I Can’t Wait is a great track though, just makes you want to sing along to everything. The Vandals are pretty good at doing that. For being known as a comedy punk band, they are also pretty good at softer songs, like with Where’s Your Dignity? Dave’s vocals work really well and this song actually does affect me a bit. My Brain Tells My Body is another sing-along track, except this time you want to sing along to the instruments as well, as performed in the song. Great track.

When I Say You I Mean Me kind of feels like standard pop-punk but I really like the song for some reason. The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore is a great parody song. It’s good musically and the lyrics are making fun of plea songs and social ’causes’. My Brother Is Gay is alright. It’s neither good nor bad. Lord Of The Dance has some cool musical ideas but the lyrics do nothing for me.

Count To Ten is a pretty fantastic ending song though, it has everything perfect for the band. This is probably one of the band’s most ‘poppy’ albums and so the overall quality is down a bit. I’m also really not fond of the mastering. It has some amazing songs on here though, so I do enjoy listening to those. Also kind of weird to think that this is technically the second latest album from the band even though it came out a decade ago. Wish they would put out new stuff.

Final Rating: 7/10


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