Album 0145: Dream Theater – Four Degrees Of Radio Edits

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Misunderstood (05:16)
2. Blind Faith (05:24)
3. Solitary Shell (04:12)
4. The Test That Stumped Them All (05:00)

Total Length: 19:52

This is an odd little release from the band. It was sent to radio stations before the full album was released, and also sent out to Dream Theater’s fan club as their yearly release. All four tracks are radio edits, though only three are substantial. Misunderstood honestly almost works better for me for casual listening because it cuts out the entire ending section, which I’ve never been a fond of. However, that section is an integral part of the entire song and its theme, so in cases like these I would still have to side with hearing the full album version.

Blind Faith however I unequivocally side with the album version. It’s barely the same song when it is chopped in half like this. Solitary Shell is pretty easy to digest in this form, but again I’m biased towards radio edits not being a thing. The Test That Stumped Them All gets the least amount of change (a whole 3 seconds!) to make it stand alone instead of being in the middle of a 42-minute piece. I’d assume that the version sent to the radio stations would have the curse words edited since they aren’t on here. Really this is just a little novelty piece, I pretty much never listen to these versions of the tracks.

Final Rating: 4/10


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