Album 0146: NOFX – So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Punk Rock


1. It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (01:21)
2. Kids Of The K-Hole (02:17)
3. Murder The Government (00:46)
4. Monosyllabic Girl (00:55)
5. 180 Degrees (02:10)
6. All His Suits Are Torn (02:19)
7. All Outta Angst (01:52)
8. I’m Telling Tim (01:17)
9. Champs Elysées (02:02)
10. Dad’s Bad News (02:02)
11. Kill Rock Stars (01:33)
12. Eat The Meek (03:32)
13. The Desperation’s Gone (02:24)
14. Flossing A Dead Horse (01:46)
15. Quart In Session (01:38)
16. Falling In Love (13:42)

Total Length: 41:35

It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite is a strong start to the album, melodic and catchy. Kids Of The K-Hole is decent, I want to like the music but it doesn’t really go anywhere and the vocal lines aren’t near as infectious as the band is capable of. Murder The Government is pretty whiny but oddly catchy. Monosyllabic Girl is kind of funny and a nice, short track. 180 Degrees has the first instance of something that this band always surprises me by doing: going into ska randomly. For the longest time for whatever reason I thought this band hated ska, so now I wonder where I got that idea. It creates a nice change of pace for this album at least.

All His Suits Are Torn has some neat ideas but can’t quite execute them well. And for my nitpick, the vocals are just too low throughout the entire track. All Outta Angst is a fun ska song, again a nice change of style. I’m Telling Tim is an okay little track, at least the ending kind of sticks in your head. Champs Elysées is a cover, and performed entirely in French and actually kind of a highlight of the album. It’s different from what the band normally does and for that you remember it more. I really enjoy this.

Dad’s Bad News is pretty good with some interesting lyrics. Kill Rock Stars also feels kind of whiny. I guess I’d rather Fat Mike sing about personal stuff like on the previous track rather than political thing. Eat The Meek takes some reggae influence, and sadly I can’t help but be reminded of a terrible Youtube video during the chorus, a video that asks, “Why must I cry?”. Other than that, a pretty cool track. The Desperation’s Gone feels like plenty of other tracks by the band, but having a cool intro helps set it apart.

Flossing A Dead Horse is a pretty fun little ska instrumental. Again, kind of a surprise that something like this is on here. Quart In Session is pretty cool, I enjoy the ending. Falling In Love, the main track, lasts for about 2 minutes 20 seconds. It’s pretty good, since again this is more personal and so evokes a couple more emotions. After some silence, a clip from Howard Stern’s radio show of him bashing NOFX is played. After that, there is a long instrumental that kind of meanders before ending quickly. This album is pretty strong overall, despite a few points where I think things could have been different. It helps when there are more short songs I suppose, it’s like the parts you don’t like take up a smaller percentage of the album.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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