Album 0147 – The OC Supertones – Loud And Clear

Release Date: 2000
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Escape From Reason (03:18)
2. What It Comes To (03:39)
3. Jury Duty (04:15)
4. Lift Me Up (04:36)
5. Return Of The Revolution (04:26)
6. Wilderness (04:14)
7. Father’s World (03:33)
8. Pandora’s Box (02:23)
9. Forward To The Future (03:56)
10. Another Show (02:47)
11. 20/20 (03:54)
12. Who Could It Be (02:59)
13. Spend It With You (04:23)

Total Length: 48:22

Okay, can I first point out the irony of a Christian band writing a song called Escape From Reason? This song is pretty crap because it sounds like wannabe Zebrahead, the problem of course is that when you are talking about God’s love any sort of ‘fierceness’ from your music and vocals is absolutely stopped in its tracks, resulting in a total mess. What It Comes To suffers from a similar issue. The track has some decent ska/reggae ideas, which then get entirely buried as both singers keep rapping over it. I’m not saying this can never work, but this band certainly can’t pull it off and it comes off as disingenuous.

Jury Duty is very basic and that’s about it. Lift Me Up gives us the first decent track on here. The lyrical theme and music actually matches for once by both of them being upbeat, so this song gets a barely passing grade. Return Of The Revolution has the exact same problem as the first track. This band can not do ‘intimidating’. Wilderness is just plain boring. Father’s World just baffles me. Why did they ever think adding these types of vocals was a good idea?

Pandora’s Box is just more of the same awful crap. Forward To The Future is a little less terrible, but still unimaginative and not that interesting. Another Show has all the same issues I’ve been going on and on about, as does 20/20. Who Could It Be is yet again a retread of what they have been doing all album, which I wouldn’t mind as much if it was good in any way. Spend It With You is only slightly better because the lyrics are more personal rather than religious. This album is just entirely crap honestly. I really can’t even find any good points to say about it.

Final Rating: 2/10


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