Album 0149: The Chasm – Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Death Metal


1. Entering A Superior Dimension (08:25)
2. Callous Spectre – Vehement Opposition (08:29)
3. Fiery Rebirth (06:53)
4. Farseeing… (01:46)
5. Structure Of The Seance (06:58)
6. Vault To The Voyage (11:16)
7. The Promised Ravage (06:40)
8. The Mission – Arrival To Hopeless Shores (Calling The Paranormal Abysm) (11:54)

Total Length: 01:02:20

Entering A Superior Dimension has a nice atmospheric intro before kicking into the pretty cool riffs. I’m not entirely fond of the vocals, a criticism I have that will pop up frequently on this album. They aren’t that great, and to top it off they are pretty low in the mix as well. Pretty cool song in the end though. Callous Spectre – Vehement Opposition solves the vocal issue by not having them. This is a pretty good instrumental that just goes on a tad long, but other than that I don’t have too many issues with it.

Fiery Rebirth has, as always, good riffs and the vocals work a little bit better here. Farseeing… is an okay interlude, there is really nothing special about it but I suppose it is a nice breather. The next two tracks are entirely instrumental as well, and Structure Of The Seance kicks them off with a bang by being fast and relentless. Vault To The Voyage is much the same, just longer.

The Promised Ravage again feels pretty similar, but putting vocals back in, which again are still only decent. The Mission – Arrival To Hopeless Shores (Calling The Paranormal Abysm) closes out the album pretty well. I’m very ambivalent about this album. It’s enjoyable, but nothing really stands out to me, and in fact it feels ‘cloudy’ based on the mix. Maybe I’d enjoy it more if that were different, I’m not sure.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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