Album 0151: Between The Buried And Me – Colors

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Foam Born (A) The Backtrack (02:14)
2. Foam Born (B) The Decade Of Statues (05:20)
3. Informal Gluttony (06:48)
4. Sun Of Nothing (10:59)
5. Ants Of The Sky (13:11)
6. Prequel To The Sequel (08:37)
7. Viridian (02:51)
8. White Walls (14:13)

Total Length: 01:04:12

Foam Born (A) The Backtrack is a pretty fantastic opening, with a cool piano leading into a some pretty fantastic guitar lines. Foam Born (B) The Decade Of Statues combines a few different sub-genres of metal into a pretty neat blend. I’m not really fond of the metalcore elements, but thankfully this band does not make them the focus. The vocals vary as well, which helps keep things interesting. Informal Gluttony keeps the train rolling, and the track is okay. There’s nothing really special, except for some of the ending.

Sun Of Nothing is a good change of pace. This is where the band starts throwing in the weird crap every now and again. It breaks up the heavier sections well, and is very memorable. Ants Of The Sky is similar but even better. Everything on this track is pretty great. It ends with a fairly interesting bluegrass section, before going into the very cool riffs of Prequel To The Sequel. It also has its own odd section, kind of a folky part with an accordion, moving into an honestly really cool, hardcore inspired moment.

Viridian is a nice interlude before the last track. It pretty much consists of a bass solo which is pretty cool. White Walls is kind of brilliant, especially the ending. It keeps building and building, never losing momentum, and suddenly we’ve made a circle back into the piano from the intro. Great ending. The band’s real weak point though is the vocals. They rely too much on the metalcore style vocals, and even when they do other styles it’s not that great. The music more than makes up for it though, and this album has a ton of great stuff, even if it sounds a bit wanky at times.

Final Rating: 8/10


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