Album 0154: Vintersorg – Hedniskhjärtad

Release Date: 1998
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Norrland (North Land) (04:22)
2. Stilla (Silent) (04:15)
3. Norrskensdrömmar (Aurora Dreams) (04:23)
4. Hednaorden (Heathen Order) (03:48)
5. Tussmörkret (Twilight) (04:26)

Total Length: 21:13

Norrland has a pretty good acoustic intro to lead into the main part of the song, which is fairly fast paced black/folk metal. Vintersorg’s clean vocals are great as usual, but he hadn’t quite developed some of the nuances in his harsh vocals. This record’s title means “Paganhearted” which feels pretty right. Stilla utilizes some female vocals throughout, which helps set this song apart. Most of it is more mid paced metal, and that style feels a bit more natural for Vintersorg.

Norrskensdrömmar has some really intense harsh vocals that work a bit better, but this is probably the weakest track on here. Hednaorden has some neat moments in it, but still doesn’t wow me. Tussmörkret changes things up a bit and is pretty good. This is really early in Vintersorg’s career so I can forgive the songwriting and production not being quite up to par though. I like the ideas on here, but I don’t ever really listen to it because the sound was perfected later on.

Final Rating: 7/10


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