Album 0155: Bear McCreary – Wrong Turn 2 Original Soundtrack

Release Date: 2007
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Main Title (03:41)
2. ‘Ultimate Survivalist’ Theme Song (03:22)
3. Dale For Dinner (02:34)
4. Birth Of Baby Splooge (03:04)
5. Nina’s Theme (02:45)
6. Mutant Cannibal Incest (03:02)
7. Into The Mill (02:51)
8. Arrow Through Two Heads (03:19)
9. Dale Vigilante (03:21)
10. Hunting Dale (03:42)
11. Rescuing Nina (03:05)
12. Dale To The Rescue (03:20)
13. The Meat Grinder (02:18)
14. Baby Splooge Lives (02:37)
15. End Credits (Theme From ‘Wrong Turn 2’) (03:42)
16. Under Your Bones (05:25)

Total Length: 52:07

I’m a recent fan of Bear McCreary, through his work on Battlestar Galactica and connections to Oingo Boingo. I got this on a whim because this movie was surprisingly good compared to the awful first film. The music for Main Title is sufficiently creepy, I especially love the whistled melody. It’s like a new version of the Deliverance theme. ‘Ultimate Survivalist’ Theme Song is a track that simply serves a purpose for the film, and you never really hear this version this clearly in the film that I can remember. Kind of feels like Mortal Kombat but it’s just a decent track. This and the last track were done with a guy named Jonathan Snipes.

Dale For Dinner has hints toward the previous track which is kind of neat. Birth Of Baby Splooge has references to the main theme, which is about the only thing keeping me interested. A lot of these tracks really don’t stand too well on their own, so I won’t mention all of them honestly. Mutant Cannibal Incest actually does some fun stuff with the main themes. The context makes everything, so I don’t entirely enjoy listening to this all the way through.

The End Credits are pretty cool though, kind of a heavier version of the opening. Under Your Bones is an odd song using a theme or two from the movie into an electronic/dance song, it’s very odd for it to be included on here. It kind of sounds nice but goes on way too long. In the end I really only like and think of that whistle theme on here.

Final Rating: 3.5/10


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