Album 0156: Tad Morose – Matters Of The Dark

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Power Metal


1. Sword Of Retribution (04:42)
2. Matters Of The Dark (03:32)
3. Ethereal Soul (04:44)
4. I Know Your Name (04:02)
5. In The Shadows (04:36)
6. Another Way (04:02)
7. New Clear Skies (04:33)
8. Riding The Beast (05:02)
9. Reason Of The Ghost (04:41)
10. The Devil’s Finger (04:15)
11. Don’t Pray For Me (04:49)

Total Length: 48:57

Sword Of Retribution is a fairly strong track to start the album with. The chorus is catchy and has some neat backing vocals, but my most common problem with the band is evident even here: the pace. They are not fast enough to be really engaging for power metal, but not slow enough where the focus is on other aspects. It’s this weird middle area that just feels like it’s plodding and bores me. Matters Of The Dark houses my other main issue with this album: the vocals. Urban breed tries so damn hard to be fierce in this song but it just doesn’t appear genuine in any way, and his vocals in other tracks are decent at best. I’m sure his voice is technically fine, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

Ethereal Soul does at least have a pretty good, upbeat chorus, and I spend most of the song just waiting for it. I Know Your Name is pretty solid, I can’t fault it too much. In The Shadows is pretty basic and is entirely forgettable. Another Way is finally a faster song, probably the best track so far. New Clear Skies doesn’t really stand out at all though.

Riding The Beast has a memorable chorus, but the rest of the song feels completely throwaway to me. Reason Of The Ghost has some cool backing vocals at a certain point, but the section reciting the title of the song near the end is so unbelievably cheesy it hurts, and I have to point to not liking the vocals again. The Devil’s Finger just does nothing for me. Don’t Pray For Me is good, but it can’t save the album. This album is honestly disappointing because there are hints of greatness here.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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