Album 0158: Thy Catafalque – Rengeteg

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal


1. Fekete Mezők (Black Fields) (09:21)
2. Kel Keleti Szél (Eastern Wind Rising) (03:59)
3. Trilobita (Trilobite) (03:52)
4. Ko Koppan (Stone Thumping) (04:39)
5. Vashegyék (Iron Mountains) (14:09)
6. Holdkomp (Lunar Module) (05:45)
7. Kék Ingem Lobogó (My Blue Shirt Waving) (03:52)
8. Az Eső, Az Eső, Az Eső (The Rain, The Rain, The Rain) (05:23)
9. Tar Gallak Végül (Bare Twigs Eventually) (03:47)
10. Minden Test Fű (All Flesh Is Grass) (05:11)

Total Length: 59:58

Fekete Mezők wastes no time opening the album, battering you in the face with great riffs and outstanding production. It’s everything I love about this band, their sound is simply incredible. I have to stress that black metal with clean vocals is one of the coolest sounds I’ve ever heard. Kel Keleti Szél is in the same vein, still very good but yet also a bit of a step down from the first track. Trilobita falls under the same trap, but has a vocal line in it that I can’t say enough words about.

Ko Koppan is a change of pace, a softer song with a beautiful, slightly symphonic backing. It’s pretty amazing, I love all the touches in the production. Vashegyék is a pretty large song that stays true to the band’s sound. I really enjoy the female vocals near the beginning in particular. Holdkomp is entirely instrumental, and after a noisy intro, is just frankly some cool music. Kék Ingem Lobogó is great. I just get all giddy with songs like this.

Az Eső, Az Eső, Az Eső is more laid back without being atmospheric, fairly good song. Tar Gallak Végül is another pretty good instrumental. Nothing to really complain about. Minden Test Fű is about the fastest track on the album, and a good way to end it. One minor nitpick is that it ends very quickly and I barely realize it’s even done. I really enjoy this album, but it’s hard to say if I like it more than their last one. It’s not bad in any way I can really specify though.

Final Rating: 9.5/10


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