Album 0159: Toh Kay – Streetlight Lullabies

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Acoustic


1. Watch It Crash (03:38)
2. Somewhere In The Between (03:16)
3. Forty Days (03:20)
4. We Will Fall Together (06:47)
5. Dear Sergio (04:06)
6. Would You Be Impressed? (03:03)
7. Sick And Sad (03:13)
8. A Moment Of Silence (04:22)
9. The Big Sleep (05:13)
10. A Better Place, A Better Time (06:06)

Total Length: 43:05

This is kind of an oddity really. Tomas Kalnoky is redoing his own Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 songs in solo acoustic form. What this means is that even though I am very familiar with these songs, they are in an entirely different format here and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not I really like it, because change is hard to accept sometimes. Watch It Crash for example, seems to lose most of its energy in my opinion. Somewhere In The Between has a bit more going on with its guitar, and seems to have a similar pace to the original song so I still very much enjoy it.

Forty Days is similar, I still enjoy it but I miss there not being a cool electric guitar solo. We Will Fall Together goes on a bit long and I totally lose interest by the end. Dear Sergio has been recorded by Tomas plenty, it’s always good. Would You Be Impressed? works fairly well here I suppose. It’s a bit faster which is nice. Sick And Sad is pretty nice in this form.

A Moment Of Silence loses some of its effectiveness without the dynamics of the full band. Kind of disappointing. The Big Sleep loses a bunch of emotions as well. I really want to like these versions, but they are far too laid back, especially in Tomas’s singing. A Better Place, A Better Time falls under the same trap. These songs are still good, but knowing what they can be is why I generally don’t ever listen to this. It’s not necessary at all.

Final Rating: 6/10


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