Album 0161: Obtained Enslavement – Witchcraft

Release Date: 1997
Genre: Black Metal


1. Prelude Funebre (03:37)
2. Veils Of Wintersorrow (06:08)
3. From Times In Kingdoms… (06:45)
4. Witchcraft (06:13)
5. Warlock (06:40)
6. Torned Winds From A Past Star (05:28)
7. Carnal Lust (06:09)
8. The Seven Witches (05:35)
9. O’Nocturne (04:59)

Total Length: 51:33

Prelude Funebre is a fairly good symphonic intro. At first I thought it didn’t fit the context of the album, but Obtained Enslavement do a pretty good job of making sounds like this be more of a backing piece rather than the driving melody of the song. Veils Of Wintersorrow is pretty good and melodic. I can kind of drown myself in the song, and the bits of piano are always fun.

From Times In Kingdoms… utilizes the symphonic aspects a whole lot more, adding a lot to it. While not real, physical instruments, their use of flutes backing up the guitar melodies is pretty great. Witchcraft starts a bit shaky for me, but gets pretty awesome by the end of the track. Warlock is a good song as well. Just solid as hell so far at this point in the album. Torned Winds From A Past Star continues the trend of good songs.

Carnal Lust is still good, however by this point in the album it does feel a tiny bit more like more of the same. The Seven Witches at least starts off a bit differently. O’Nocturne is entirely solo piano. It’s a really cool way to end the album, though I kind of wish the band had written bigger songs where something like this could be a section of the song. I’m almost not absolutely fond of the vocals throughout the whole album as they feel like they are trying to be “evil”, but they work well enough. This is a pretty good album to zone out to, and even do a bit of critical listening sometimes.

Final Rating: 8/10


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