Album 0162: Fantastic Plastic Machine – Beautiful

Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronica


1. I Am Beautiful (00:04)
2. Beautiful Days (04:29)
3. Paragon (05:10)
4. Love Is Psychedelic (05:59)
5. On A Chair (06:17)
6. Whistle Song (08:02)
7. One Minute Of Love (00:59)
8. Todos Os Desejos (07:28)
9. I’m Still A Simple Man (04:40)
10. Black Dada (03:59)
11. God Save The Mona Lisa (05:12)
12. Beautiful Days (Reprise) (04:19)
13. Take Me To The Disco (06:26)

Total Length: 01:03:06

I Am Beautiful is a very tiny intro of a woman saying the words of the track title. Beautiful Days is a neat, fairly jazzy piece using two singers. It’s cool to listen to. Paragon is a bit more on the electronic side, messing around with sounds and it’s neat but just a touch too long. Love Is Psychedelic is an odd track where a guy kind of tells a story over fairly neat backing music. Again it goes on too long for me. On A Chair is of the more instrumental variety and it is a good bit of fun.

Whistle Song utilizes more flutes than whistles, which are in the background, but I can forgive that because it is a good song. It wouldn’t sound out of place in a Katamari game, which is usually a good sign. Again, the common problem here is that the song overstays its welcome in my opinion. One Minute Of Love is almost exactly one minute, and it is one of the few tracks on here that I wish went longer than it does last. Tosos Os Desejos is pleasing to the ear I suppose but I just don’t really care for it. I’m Still A Simple Man is a pretty neat, disco/jazz piece. I enjoy it.

Black Dada is an incredible, chill piece. I love every second of it except for maybe the cheesy samples. God Save The Mona Lisa is alright, it doesn’t really do much for me. Beautiful Days (Reprise) isn’t as good as the first time around, and the part where they repeat the word “beautiful” over and over is a really odd sensation. Take Me To The Disco is a bonus track, and as the name suggests it is a disco song. It’s not the best thing ever made, but it’s a fine enough song. A bit long, once again. There are a couple things on here I really enjoy and the album never entirely bothers me, so all in all it is a very solid album.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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