Album 0163: Star One – Space Metal

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Progressive Metal



1. Lift-Off (01:14)
2. Set Your Controls (06:01)
3. High Moon (05:36)
4. Songs Of The Ocean (05:24)
5. Master Of Darkness (05:14)
6. The Eye Of Ra

    I. Gateway To The Stars
    II. The Eye Of Ra
    III. The Seventh Sign (07:35)

7. Sandrider (05:31)
8. Perfect Survivor (04:46)
9. Intergalactic Space Crusaders (05:22)
10. Starchild
    I. One By Four By Nine
    II. Starchild
    III. A New Sun (09:05)


1. Hawkwind Medley (Master Of The Universe/Silver Machine/Psychedelic Warlords/Brainstorm/Assault And Battery/The War I Survived (including melody of Space Is Deep)/Spirit Of The Age/Lost Chronicles) (09:47)
2. Spaced Out (04:54)
3. Inseparable Enemies (04:16)
4. Space Oddity (05:00)
5. Starchild (Pro-Logic mix)

    I. One By Four By Nine
    II. Starchild
    III. A New Sun (09:31)

6. Spaced Out (alternative version) (04:56)
7. Intergalactic Laxative (02:33)

Total Length: 01:36:44

Lift-Off is a nice short intro with some cool synth sounds to set the mood. Set Your Controls is a great song, and also feels to me like an intro song for the whole album. It sets the tone for the album, fun metal with space-themed lyrics and such. The song still has lots of touches of Arjen’s fun instrumentation with melodies and moments that get stuck in your head. High Moon has some great, catchy riffs and as per usual with anything Arjen is involved in, the vocals are great. This song is based on the film Outland, which I have sadly never seen. This song is very good and makes me want to see it though.

Songs Of The Ocean is based on Star Trek IV, thus sounds that I guess are trying to be similar to whales, and a kind of sad outlook on the future. The song has a fantastic chorus. Master Of Darkness is based on Star Wars and yet not as good I had hoped it would be when I found this out. It’s a very good song, but I don’t like that it’s a bit more focused on trying to tell the story rather than focusing on the song. The Eye Of Ra is the second best song based on Stargate. It takes a bit to build up, but this track has so many good parts to it. I love it dearly.

Sandrider is a decent song, probably the lowest point in the main album for me. It’s based on Dune which I have no relationship, so maybe that could be part of it. Perfect Survivor is about the original Alien film, and it works pretty well. The song maybe should have been a bit lighter on the number of instruments to fit the film, but still a great song. Intergalactic Space Crusaders is about Blake’s 7, something else I have never seen. However, this song is pretty much incredible, the buildup to the chorus and the chorus itself are fantastic.

Starchild is the ‘biggest’ track on here, with a sprawling intro and outro, and multiple sections. It’s mostly based on 2001: A Space Odyssey, and unlike some of the other tracks it does at time accurately reflect the mood of the film, mostly in the beginning and end of the song. It’s a really good song for the most part. That ends disc one, which is the main album. Disc two is entirely bonus tracks, starting off with a Hawkwind Medley, a band I am not at all familiar with. That said, this entire track is great from start to end so I need to get me some Hawkwind I think.

Spaced Out (and the next track) are both based on properties I’ve never even heard of so I can’t comment on those aspects. This song though is driving and a lot of fun. Inseparable Enemies has a pretty good chorus, but other than that I can see why this was relegated to bonus track status. Space Oddity is a cover of the famous Bowie track. It’s done well, I just kind of have this thing with this song specifically where covers of it don’t do much for me. Starchild this time around was mixed in Dolby Pro-Logic, and is a tiny bit longer. The different mix bit is based on the idea that the song would sound good in stereo, but that elements would still separate in 5.1. It’s a neat idea, but understandably almost never gets used.

Spaced Out is an alternative version, still mostly the same good track. Intergalactic Laxative is apparently a cover, but it’s a funny little song with just Arjen and his acoustic guitar. A nice upbeat ending to everything on here. I highly enjoy this album. Even the songs I’m not really fond of I still enjoy listening to. I love the space themes and mixing it with Arjen’s musical sensibilities is great.

Final Rating: 9/10


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