Album 0165: Zimmers Hole – When You Were Shouting At The Devil…

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Extreme Metal


1. When You Were Shouting At The Devil… We Were In League With Satan (05:15)
2. We Rule The Fucking Land (03:51)
3. Flight Of The Knight Bat (02:41)
4. 1312 (02:53)
5. Devil’s Mouth (03:18)
6. The Vowel Song (02:00
7. Fista Corps (03:15)
8. Anonymous Esophagus (03:00)
9. Alright (03:11)
10. Hair Doesn’t Grow On Steel (03:52)
11. What’s My Name… Evil! (06:33)
12. In League With Satan (02:39)
13. Fuck My Aching Tits (04:06)

Total Length: 46:35

When You Were Shouting At The Devil… We Were In League With Satan has a fantastic intro and some cool ass riffs to go along with it. This is an amazing track to start off the album with. The lyrics are actually a bit funny, and the variety of vocal styles work well. In league with this song more like. We Rule The Fucking Land is a bit less grandiose but still a pretty good, fierce ‘classic’-sounding metal track. The chorus especially sticks with me.

Flight Of The Knight Bat is a bit step down in quality but still has a great chorus and some good moments otherwise. 1312 kicks off with a really great riff, and again some neat vocals. Just a cool little song. Devil’s Mouth has an annoying intro to it that isn’t funny at all, and is probably the weakest song on the album so far. Just not really worth my time. The Vowel Song guest stars Nathan Explosion, and unlike the last track is actually funny. The actual song is only less than a minute and it’s a fantastic minute.

Fista Corps has some insanely gross lyrics, but the way this song goes and is played I can’t help but laugh. It’s so well written and the lyrics are just ridiculous. Anonymous Esophagus also has some pretty ‘ew’ lyrics, but again the song is just plain fun. The chorus stands out in particular. Alright starts off terribly, but that’s just because I have a personal distaste for songs using the sound of a motorcycle starting up. It’s oddly overdone for me. The song itself is very ordinary. The title is fitting, in fact.

Hair Doesn’t Grow On Steel barely works. I feel like I want to be annoyed by the song, but the vocals save it. What’s My Name… Evil! is probably the slowest paced song on here, and it works pretty well. It’s kind of like this band’s take on melodic death metal. The ending couple minutes are kind of crap though. The growling and demonic sounds worked a bit, but they didn’t need to go on this long. In League With Satan inspired the album name, and is a cover of the track by Venom. It’s fairly good and it cuts off quickly. It could be a mess-up with rip, but oh well.

Fuck My Aching Tits is strictly a bonus track in every sense. It’s extremely repetitive, and while it has some good melodies it goes on way too long. I don’t let it sully my opinion of the album though, and that is that this album is awesome. So many of the songs have moments I can sing along to, it’s just a wonderful blend of different types of metal.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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