Album 0166: Amorphis – Skyforger

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive/Folk Metal


1. Sampo (06:09)
2. Silver Bride (04:13)
3. From The Heaven Of My Heart (05:21)
4. Sky Is Mine (04:20)
5. Majestic Beast (04:19)
6. My Sun (04:05)
7. Highest Star (04:44)
8. Skyforger (05:16)
9. Course Of Fate (04:16)
10. From Earth I Rose (05:04)
11. Godlike Machine (05:19)
12. Separated (04:19)

Total Length: 57:25

Sampo starts off with an impeccable piano melody that drives the entire song. This beautiful blend of styles Amorphis uses is put to great use here. The chorus feels a bit transcendent in all honesty. We transition right into Silver Bride which contains a fantastic vocal line and very cool chorus. From The Heaven Of My Heart contains both of these as well, but it feels just a touch long to me. I do love this band’s unique blend of folk elements in their metal.

Sky Is Mine has an amazing intro and stays pretty good the whole way. I would like to highlight that the vocals on this particular Amorphis album is where I noticed an odd thing, like the singer is holding back and trying to be softer. It sort of works, but if I can’t help but notice it and be distracted then it’s a bit of an issue. Majestsic Beast is a bit of a heavier song but I can’t say I entirely dig it. It sure sounds nice, but is a tad overblown. My Sun is on the same level of forgettable-ness. Seriously, I’ll listen to the song and once it’s over can’t remember anything from it.

Highest Star has some cool synths going on, but unfortunately a lot of this album sounds the same and by this track a listener would start to notice it. Skyforger has some good moments, but the same complaint I gave for the last track still stands. Course Of Fate is much the same. I really can’t even comment on it. From Earth I Rose uses some flutes nicely, but the rest doesn’t intrigue me. Godlike Machine is again the same thing.

This is pleasant to listen to, but a solid hour of the same thing over and over gets tiring quick. Separated closes out the album with unfortunately the same deal. I really want to love this album because I do like this band, but after the first few tracks my heart is just not in it.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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