Album 0167: Queens Of The Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Hard Rock


1. You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire (03:13)
2. No One Knows (04:39)
3. First It Giveth (03:18)
4. A Song For The Dead (05:52)
5. The Sky Is Fallin’ (06:16)
6. Six Shooter (01:19)
7. Hangin’ Tree (03:06)
8. Go With The Flow (03:07)
9. Gonna Leave You (02:50)
10. Do It Again (04:05)
11. God Is On The Radio (06:05)
12. Another Love Song (03:16)
13. A Song For The Deaf (06:43)
14. Mosquito Song (05:38)
15. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (live) (03:38)
16. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy (02:36)
17. Te Voy A Dejar (02:55)

Total Length: 01:08:36

You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire starts off the radio theme of the album with an intro that kind of gets annoying on repeated listens, but the main riff of the song and generic lyrics work pretty well. No One Knows is incredibly tight, and I mean that in that the rhythm and guitar riff are played fantastically. Pretty great song to really kick off the album, for me. First It Giveth continues by being awesome, with a catchy chorus and some cool acoustic guitar splashes.

A Song For The Dead has some really cool riffs and vocal moments, but this is the first track where the band goes back to their stoner roots with everything being a bit grungier. It’s a good song, but I just personally get annoyed by the production. The Sky Is Fallin’ is kind of repetitive but still a good track. The end of it gets us back into the radio concept, which again sometimes goes on a bit long. Six Shooter is really a pretty useless little song to me.

Hangin’ Tree has some cool stuff going and is actually a tiny bit more atmospheric than some of the other songs. Go With The Flow has some neat piano backing but doesn’t entirely feel like a complete song to me. Gonna Leave You is a pretty nice, poppier track. Do It Again sounds kind of generic, as if I’d heard it before from other bands. God Is On The Radio is a fairly good song to zone out to. I can just kind of relax while listening to it. Another Love Song has a cool riff.

A Song For The Deaf is kind of nice. The album is kind of tiring by this point, personally. There is then a bit of silence before a little bonus thing starts playing that has no purpose. Mosquito Song is a pretty nice change of pace, utilizing a slower pace, acoustic guitars, woodwings, and a horn section. Pretty cool ‘hidden’ track. The rest of the songs are bonus tracks though, like a live version of The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret. The song is pretty good but it doesn’t seem to set itself apart in any appreciable way.

Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy is a Kinks cover and so it’s pretty simplistic. I don’t really get the point of doing this cover. Te Voy A Dejar is the Spanish version of Gonna Leave You. It’s essentially the same song, and literally translating the lyrics doesn’t really sound natural at all, so I just consider this a novelty. I think I like this album, but oddly I’m not entirely sure. Something in my head is stopping me from entirely enjoying it. It’s nice to listen to, but I never really choose to listen to it when looking through my music.

Final Rating: 8/10


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