Album 0169: Cormorant – Dwellings

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. The First Man (05:58)
2. Funambulist (10:30)
3. Confusion Of Tongues (04:25)
4. Junta (09:28)
5. The Purest Land (04:37)
6. A Howling Dust (08:52)
7. Unearthly Dreamings (11:56)

Total Length: 55:47

The First Man is a very cool opening track, highlighting both what I like and don’t like about this band. The atmosphere and riffs are great, but I’m not entirely fond of some of the vocals and production. The former is just average and the latter feels closed in, like a stuffy closet. There is also a section halfway through the track of what sounds like a person speaking on TV, and I can’t help but think of a certain Flaming Tsunamis song during the section, killing the entire serious mood it’s trying to portray. Still, the guitar is a highlight on the track.

Funambulist is a bigger song and plays with its structures more. Again, the guitars and riffs are very good, and this track has the first use of clean vocals. They are a bit quiet but sound pretty good. Confusion Of Tongues is entirely instrumental and has a lot of cool stuff going on, but I don’t really see the point sometimes in separating out an entire track like this when you have 12-minute songs. I’m sure they could find a full song to put these riffs in instead of creating their own track.

Junta brings back the the band’s black metal roots a bit, and again the atmosphere really helps the whole song. For me it’s a weird combination of downtrodden and uplifting, it perfectly fits me at the moment. The Purest Land is a bit shorter and kind of a brutal song in a couple sense. It’s fairly good, but as usual with bands like this I like when they have a bit more time to try things out. A Howling Dust is pretty good as well, don’t really have anything particular to say about it.

Unearthly Dreamings is a large track and those take a while to wrap my head around. What I can really say about it is that I enjoy it and this album a good amount, but the production really does throw me off. If just a couple things were different, I would love the hell out of this record. As it stands right now, I am pleased by it for the most part but there are some distractions that I just can’t ignore. The musical style is cool, and the vocals work the majority of the time but the rest just throws me off.

Final Rating: 8/10


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