Album 0171: Yes – Relayer

Release Date: 1974
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. The Gates Of Delirium

    I. Prelude
    II. Battle
    III. Soon (21:54)

2. Sound Chaser (09:31)
3. To Be Over (09:04)
4. Soon (04:18)
5. Sound Chaser (single edit) (03:14)
6. The Gates Of Delirium (studio run-through) (21:17)

Total Length: 01:09:17

The Gates Of Delirium starts with the Prelude, full of weird keyboard effects and while it kind of sounds good everything is a bit muddled. When the vocals come in things are good though, I just always enjoy this band’s vocal melodies and what they can do with things like that. Once the Battle begins it is just a constant barrage of cool instrumental parts, and while it’s not as memorable as some other Yes tracks things are still good here. Soon closes out the track and is a fairly nice ballad. I really like the keyboard work, and the vocals again take the cake.

Sound Chaser has another odd intro, but once you can get into the groove of the song it’s highly enjoyable. It’s mostly instrumental and is pretty much the band going nuts minus one slow section in the middle. I really like the yelled vocals that happen at two points. To Be Over is kind of harder to figure out and get used to than the 22 minute song, but it’s full of great things. Probably the most outright ‘proggy’ track on the album and the band just continues to impress me.

Soon is just the last section of the big song clipped, it was released as a single this way. While it works fine simply because it’s well written and such, there is not near as much emotional impact without the huge buildup that the whole track gives. Sound Chaser‘s single edit actually kind of works but is completely unnecessary because this isn’t the type of song to typically get popular, and so there’s no reason to listen to it when the full song exists.

The last track is a ‘live’ studio run-through of the whole band playing The Gates Of Delirium. The song is much the same, and the band plays it excellently but considering what this track is, it really relegates itself to bonus track for me. It was more like a recording of the song for themselves to reference more than anything, so there are some imperfections throughout, and I don’t really ever need to listen to it. Of all the Yes albums I’ve heard, this is probably my current least favorite but that still isn’t saying a whole lot because the music on here is pretty top notch.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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