Album 0173: Westbound Train – Come And Get It

Release Date: 2009
Genre: Ska/Reggae


1. I Don’t Belong Here (03:04)
2. Ain’t Gonna Be Easy (03:02)
3. Check Your Time (03:41)
4. Why You Cry (02:29)
5. Come And Get It (02:54)
6. Some Things Are Meant To Be Remembered (03:41)
7. Salvation (04:18)
8. If Only (02:54)
9. What You Need (03:21)
10. The Passage (05:05)
11. Lift My Voice Up Loud (04:53)
12. For The Record (04:39)
13. So Many Things A Man Can Say (04:01)
14. Critical Ska (03:37)
15. Cheers! The World Is Almost Over (03:05)

Total Length: 54:43

I Don’t Belong Here is a fairly good opening track. The chorus is cheesy but catchy and the instrumental section is well done. Ain’t Gonna Be Easy adds some strings to everything and it really helps make this song shine. The verse is great, and the mix of instruments saves the chorus. Check Your Time has a fantastic chorus. Why You Cry isn’t at all interesting to me and is the type of song that put me off this album the first time I heard it. It’s really generic and has nothing interesting going on.

Come And Get It is fairly decent, but has a similar issue as the previous song. Some Things Are Meant To Be Remembered is fairly neat, I enjoy the vocal lines in particular. Salvation is pretty good but gets repetitive and goes on for longer than it needs to. If Only is nice to listen to but what is odd about this song (really this whole album though) is that after the song is over, I forget entirely what it sounded like. I know I kind of enjoyed it, but can’t actually hum or sing anything from it.

What You Need of course has the same issue whilst having stupid lyrics, so I remember that part at least. The Passage is instrumental if you don’t count its intro, but it again has the same issue and is way too long. Lift My Voice Up Loud is cheesy and preachy and I really don’t like it and it’s the second longest track on the album to boot. For The Record is pretty basic, not too much I can say about it. So Many Things A Man Can Say does kind of a blues/gospel thing and it does not please me at all.

Critical Ska is too little too late, it could have been good if it wasn’t here on this album after the last few songs. Cheers! The World Is Almost Over is totally boring and I’m finally done with this album. I really wanted to like this band and this album, and the first few tracks seemed promising but I get so bored and consistently start to fall asleep listening to this. It’s just bland and has nothing that makes me want to love it.

Final Rating: 4/10


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