Album 0175: Dismember – The God That Never Was

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Death Metal


1. The God That Never Was (02:09)
2. Shadows Of The Mutilated (03:25)
3. Time Heals Nothing (03:39)
4. Autopsy (03:41)
5. Never Forget, Never Forgive (01:44)
6. Trail Of The Dead (03:12)
7. Phantoms (Of The Oath) (03:56)
8. Into The Temple Of Humiliation (04:08)
9. Blood For Paradise (02:19)
10. Feel The Darkness (03:39)
11. Where No Ghost Is Holy (03:42)

Total Length: 35:33

Dismember has a fairly unique style for death metal in their riffs, and that is a constant sound. These aren’t start-stop or necessarily melodic riffs, it sounds more like getting a constant electrical shock in the form of a riff. It never ends and just keeps going, which is cool for a song or two but may not necessarily play out for a whole album. The God That Never Was shows this off particularly, with some fairly good vocals to boot. Shadows Of The Mutilated shows off the problem exactly though, with most of the song being virtually indistinguishable (in my ears) to the previous track, until the instrumental section starts where we get some actual good riffs and a fairly neat solo section.

Time Heals Nothing has some really neat guitars in the background that come in for the chorus and help end the song, and those are about the only notable parts of the track. Autopsy is the first track to slow things down a bit. Still not an amazing track, but I give it points for trying. Never Forget, Never Forgive was the only song on here I was kind of familiar with before sitting down and listening to the whole album, but now I realize it’s not really anything special.

Trail Of The Dead is better though, with some good riffs and a good song structure. Phantoms (Of The Oath) is an instrumental track which means they get to go nuts with riffs and solos like the end of the second track and it’s pretty awesome. Into The Temple Of Humiliation is fairly neat as well, so surprisingly we have a string of good songs going. Blood For Paradise is mostly decent, I kind of dig the main riff though.

Feel The Darkness has some interesting quiet moments, and just tries things a bit more differently than most of the other songs. Where No Ghost Is Holy isn’t a great end to the album, but at least it has a guitar solo that is nice to listen to. Even after all this time, I really don’t get the production or guitar tone on this album. I feel like if this had been more polished I could have loved this, but as it is it’s an album made on 2005/2006 that is trying to be a throwback to early 90s death metal in tone, and there’s no point because early 90s death metal already exists.

Final Rating: 7/10


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