Album 0177: Månegarm – Nordstjärnans Tildsålder

Release Date: 1998
Genre: Folk Metal


1. I Nordstjärnans Sken (01:43)
2. Fädernas Kall (Under Höjda Nordbaner) (04:09)
3. Drakeld (03:23)
4. Den Dödes Drömmar (04:00)
5. Nordanblod (02:45)
6. En Fallen Härskare (03:58)
7. Ymer (02:04)
8. Vindar Från Glömda Tider (04:52)
9. Blod, Jord Och Stjärneglans (03:52)
10. Det Sargade Landet (05:07)
11. Tiden Som Komma Skall (04:44)

Total Length: 40:37

The album’s title translates to “The Age Of The Northstar”. I Nordstjärnans Sken is a piano-based intro to the album. It sets the mood of the album well, but it also follows a common complaint I have with intros like these, when their style or instrumentation doesn’t show up anywhere else in the album. Fädernas Kall (Under Höjda Nordbaner) is pretty good folk-tinged black metal, with some neat turns, especially near the end. Drakeld really doesn’t set itself apart for me too much, I’ve heard stuff like it from plenty of other bands.

Den Dödes Drömmar has a cool acoustic section, but the song doesn’t do much for me otherwise. Nordanblod is a good, shorter song because it’s memorable and doesn’t drag itself out. En Fallen Härskare has some neat moments but after it’s over I really can’t differentiate in my mind from many of the other songs on here. Ymer is a great change of pace, lots of acoustic stuff and some female vocals. I kind of wish they incorporated this more, but oh well.

Vindar Från Glömda Tider is kind of long and has the same issues of sounding the same as other songs on here. Blod, Jord Och Stjärneglans has a nice intro but most of that promise falls by the wayside quickly. Det Sargade Landet is actually kind of a good song. There is some neat production with the backing vocals, and the slower section is fairly strong. Still just not that interesting to me to the point that I would really choose to listen to this when going through my music.

Tiden Som Komma Skall is again more of the same, but with the added of bonus of an admittedly good violin solo. One good point of the album is that at very least, there are moments of audible bass, not entirely in common in this genre at this time period. That said, this is still a fairly generic album as far as I can tell and I get very bored quickly with this album. I can only hope that this is a rough start for the band and they up their songwriting skills in the future.

Final Rating: 6/10


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