Album 0180: Eternity X – The Edge


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. The Edge: I. Introduction (06:13)
2. Fly Away (08:03)
3. The Confession (06:51)
4. The Edge: II. The Looking Glass (06:14)
5. A Day In Verse (08:05)
6. Imaginarium (10:15)
7. The Edge: III. Existence Chapter 1,000,009 (05:05)
8. The Edge Of Madness (07:16)
9. Rejection (03:27)
10. Baptized By Fire (07:31)
11. The Edge: IV. Legacy/Reprise (05:03)

Total Length: 01:14:01

Introduction starts off the album and the huge piece The Edge (split into multiple tracks throughout the album) and doesn’t dawdle too long in the symphonic bits before it starts rocking and getting into the metal. Pretty fantastic song that sets the tone of the album. The vocals aren’t the best in the world, but they work well enough and are certainly emotive, which is always a plus. Fly Away isn’t my favorite song on here, but it still has a lot of great stuff in it. The chorus is fantastic, and the piano is just a lot of fun to hear, which holds true throughout the whole album.

The Confession starts off with a sample of some famous piece I don’t know the name to, and intro of the song sounds like something off of Operation: Mindcrime. There are good lyrics here, but I kind of get tired of the song halfway through, but it’s not bad per se. The Looking Glass is fairly great, the highlights being the high-pitched vocals most of the way through and the faster parts. A Day In Verse starts off with some beautiful piano, and I just absolutely love the main melody and the chorus. I just love everything about this song.

Imaginarium has some awesome production and is just a really cool song overall. It may be just a tad long, but I don’t really mind. Existence Chapter 1,000,009 is an odd one for me. I enjoy listening to it, but I can’t remember too much once it’s over and never really want to listen to it. Again, not anywhere near bad. The Edge Of Madness is just amazing. I don’t like how present some of the vocals on the sides are, but it doesn’t ruin the song for me, it’s still a fantastic proggy piece.

Rejection is the shortest song and has some insanely cool drumming, but the actual meat of the song doesn’t really interest my. Baptized By Fire has some great lyrics and vocal moments as well, the song is very upbeat and it’s nice to hear. Legacy/Reprise is a much better part of the title track than the last bit. Lots of cool harpsichord-type stuff, just a cool track. This whole album surprised me the first time I listened to it. I really didn’t expect much, and got an awesome album out of it that is very overlooked.

Final Rating: 9/10


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