Album 0182: Helloween – The Time Of The Oath

Helloween The Time Of The Oath

Release Date: 1996
Genre: Power Metal



1. We Burn (03:06)
2. Steel Tormentor (05:43)
3. Wake Up The Mountain (05:05)
4. Power (03:32)
5. Forever And One (Neverland) (03:55)
6. Before The War (04:34)
7. A Million To One (05:12)
8. Anything My Mama Don’t Like (03:47)
9. Kings Will Be Kings (05:09)
10. Mission Motherland (09:03)
11. If I Knew (05:31)
12. The Time Of The Oath (06:59)


1. Still I Don’t Know (04:13)
2. Take It To The Limit (04:05)
3. Electric Eye (04:06)
4. Magnetic Fields (03:41)
5. Rain (04:34)
6. Walk Your Way (04:56)
7. Light In The Sky (02:35)
8. Time Goes By (02:24)

Total Length: 01:32:09

We Burn has a fun little intro, I always love when Helloween utilizes stuff like it. The main song itself is pretty good, if basic, power metal. The vocals work well, and the chorus sticks with you. Steel Tormentor has some good moments, and I kind of enjoy the chorus, but the song feels overly long and kind of like a waste of time. Wake Up The Mountain kind of falls under the same heading. I never feel anything while listening to a lot of songs on this album, it lacks a lot of the stuff I really enjoy about this band, like some of the playfulness is missing.

Power is fairly good, it’s almost a pretty good song. Again, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but while I feel like I should enjoy this song, I just don’t. Forever And One (Neverland) is a pretty good softer song, and one of the band’s most popular songs. I do enjoy this song, though I am more used to the later version. Before The War has the first really great, fast chorus and is the first more metal song on here that I really enjoy. If the whole album was like this I’d have no issues with it.

A Million To One has some nice riffs in the bridge. Anything My Mama Don’t Like could have been a fun song, but the lyrics are just so cheesy, and this time it is not in a good way. Seriously, the chorus sounds like something a boy band would have. Kings Will Be Kings is pretty good surprisingly. The chorus is catchy, and the rest of the songs holds up as well. Mission Motherland is kind of nice. I enjoy the main chunk of the song, and the extended instrumental section features a slap bass solo which is always neat. Again I have to say that the entire package doesn’t entirely appeal to me though.

If I Knew is kind of lengthy, boring, and overdone. I’ve heard this band and other bands do songs like it much better. The Time Of The Oath starts off with a pretty cool riff, and is kind of a larger than life song. Of the tracks on here, I kind of wish the band would revisit this. There is good stuff here (and this song closes out the main album proper), but the production or songwriting or something is just completely throwing me off from liking this. I really wish I could explain it better.

Still I Don’t Know is decently enjoyable, but again the main ideas behind the song and the song being too long (yes, 4 minutes can be too long) hurts it. Take It To The Limit is once more cheesy in a bad way. It’s a shame since the song started off well. Electric Eye is a cover of the great Judas Priest track, and so this version is similarly great. Magnetic Fields is a Jean Michael Jarre cover, and a pretty neat instrumental.

Rain is a Status Quo cover and I’m not really fond of it. Just sounds like a generic rock song. Walk Your Way has some neat vocal moments but is otherwise a fairly boring song. Light In The Sky is a pretty nice short song, I don’t really get why this would be left off the album in favor of other tracks. Time Goes By is the same thing, a short softer song that is better than half of the actual album. I really want to enjoy this album as I do like Helloween, but there really isn’t much to go on here. I’ve just got a few tracks I like, and that’s about it.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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